Digi-AEC workshop: Innovative solutions for cost reductions and smart management of old buildings


How to move experiences of digitalization of new buildings to adaption of existing buildings to new users.

Welcome to workshop 7 in the Interreg project Digi AEC, a digital event in four parts. May 19th, 20th, 26th and 27th. This event is free and open to everyone interested in community building and digitalization. You can find all information, presentations and workshop material on our Digi-AEC platform.

Target group:

  • SMEs in:
    • AEC-sector and the whole construction value chain; property development, architecture/design engineering, construction materials production, logistics, etc.
    • Gaming, IT, communication
  • Municipalities – employees working on digital innovation in
    • Building and infrastructure asset management and operations, construction project development, city planning & permit approval, health and education services.


Webinar 3, Wednesday 26th May, 2021: Innovative solutions for cost reductions and smart management of old buildings

GOAL: How innovative solutions can increase efficiency, quality and lower costs when renovating/restoring existing buildings.

  • Case study: Digital study visit at PartGroup’s production line: Anton Lundholm, CEO
  • Digitizing old buildings; – what do we have to think about?: Magnus Steffensen, Sales Manager, FDV Huset
  • Panel discussion with experts of future development


If you have any questions, please contact project leader Elin Stenvall: [email protected]



26 maj

10:00 - 11:00


This is a digital event,
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