Norrbotten Chamber of Commerce

Is a non-profit business organisation owned, run, and financed by our 300 member companies. Established in 1904, our mission is to be an advocate for Norrbotten and its trade and industry. We represent and promote our members and provide services to help their businesses grow. We are a self-governing organisation, independent from political, commercial, or individual interests. Our direction is determined by our members, and we always work with their best interests in mind.


As the second oldest chamber in Sweden, we have over 118 years of experience of representing and promoting our members locally, nationally, and globally.

Although the world has changed, our purpose has remained the same. As stated in the 1916 mission statement, our main objective is to “further the general interests of trade, industry and maritime organisations and to act as their representative to state authorities”. Even with such traditional heritage, we are a modern organisation driven by the will to support our members and our region.

As a link between companies and policymakers, our views and opinions are regularly sought. To ensure that the priorities and concerns of our members are heard, we take an active part in the public debate and engage in issues that are current and relevant. To bring people together, we host events such as roundtable discussions where officials and executives can meet and exchange ideas and experiences.

Our work is focused on three main areas



As a well-known and respected organisation, Norrbotten Chamber of Commerce leads the campaign for better infrastructure in our region. Increased accessibility and reliable and effective transport systems are fundamental aspects of continued growth of the trade and industry in northern Sweden. By raising issues and promoting investments in infrastructure, we work for an attractive business environment for our member companies.

Internationell handel

International trade

Norrbotten Chamber of Commerce promotes international trade, and helps businesses extend their commercial relations outside of Sweden. We offer unique business networks, trade support, and activities that provide valuable insights into relevant topics. We also participate in several cross-border cooperation projects funded by Interreg, where we work together with Finland and Norway to strengthen northern Scandinavia.



Tomorrow’s employees are your competitive edge in the future, which is why maintaining a competent workforce may be the single most important question for enterprises. To assist our member companies, Norrbotten Chamber of Commerce organizes lectures and seminars on topics such as incoterms or export financing. We also manage networks, for building business relationships and sharing expertise.

About Norrbotten

Norrbotten is a strong export region, with the basic industry as its economic foundation. 65% of Sweden’s raw material export comes from Norrbotten, and the region is prominent in sectors such as renewable energy, space research, winter vehicle testing, big data, and tourism. The region is experiencing strong growth, and large investments are being made. Between 2016-2035, infrastructural and industrial investments will amount to over 270 billion SEK.

Quick facts:

  • 250 000 residents
  • 98,245 km² – which is 24% of Sweden’s total area, and larger than Portugal, Austria, and Hungary
  • 14 self-governing municipalities, 1 regional council responsible for public health care
  • 5 airports, 3 cargo ports
  • Approximately 830 exporting companies
  • 34.000 people working in the export sector
  • Export of goods from Norrbotten amounted to 46,4 billion SEK in 2018


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