Digi-AEC workshop 8

SAVE THE DATE: 4-6 OCTOBER 2021 in Oulu, Finland

Welcome to workshop 8 in the Interreg project Digi AEC, More information will be published closer to the event. You can find all information, presentations and workshop material from previous workshops on our Digi-AEC platform.

Target group:

  • SMEs in:
    • AEC-sector and the whole construction value chain; property development, architecture/design engineering, construction materials production, logistics, etc.
    • Gaming, IT, communication
  • Municipalities – employees working on digital innovation in
    • Building and infrastructure asset management and operations, construction project development, city planning & permit approval, health and education services.
If you have any questions, please contact project leader Elin Stenvall: [email protected]



4 - 6 oktober

00:00 - 23:59